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What distinguishes bilingual educational establishments of Academy International from other pre-schools?

Our bilingual pre-schools guarantee pupils attentive and vigilant care in a creative, bilingual environment. We treat upbringing as a process that introduces a child into the world, enables learning it and defining one's place in it. That is why in our facilities we care about joyful, creative and safe atmosphere, which is jointly created by children and the staff together with parents.

Pre-school organization, bilingual environment

  • In our facilities, we employ qualified, competent and children-loving staff who perfectly understand the needs of a small child.
  • We offer a holistic didactic and educational program that takes into account the child's individual needs and abilities.
  • We provide a bilingual educational program. Knowledge of a foreign language these days is essential. In our bilingual pre-schools children are "immersed" in English every day.
  • We ensure versatile musical development. All children from a particular group participate in the rhythmic and music classes.
  • We ensure proper physical development. General gymnastics with elements of the correction concerns all children in the group.
  • We develop children’s logical thinking using an innovative program of developing logical thinking already in groups of two-year-olds, every day!
  • We shape children's independence, responsibility for their actions and the ability to cooperate on the basis of the international, certified project - "Dalton International".
  • We help children gain self-confidence, develop a sense of security in the environment, teach how to make friends, we develop the child's creative movement through the implementation of the "Developing Movement" exercises by Weronika Sherborne.
  • We provide specialists cooperating with the pre-school such as a speech therapist, psychologist, as well as individual corrective classes.
  • We prepare a comprehensive offer of extra-curricular courses thanks to which every child is able to develop their talents and interests; we help parents choose these courses by checking which talents and interests each child has. We think less is better!
  • We offer close cooperation with Parents / Guardians of the child.
  • We help parents be great parents, we organize "effective parent workshops".
  • We provide continuity of education and program in a bilingual environment through a bilingual nursery, pre-school, elementary school. Plans for high school (in the same building as the elementary school).

Rich infrastructure

  • Pre-school building with a large area, meeting all the standards of pre-school safety and hygiene.
  • Ordered spaces for education, play and rest.
  • High quality, certified educational aids and toys.
  • Spacious and well-lit rooms.
  • Own, internal, unique play rooms with balls, tubes, slides and other attractions made by a professional company KOLORADO.
  • Extensive, beautifully landscaped gardens with playgrounds equipped with secure, certified recreation and sports facilities.
  • All our facilities are registered.