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Working hours

The school is open from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Classes begin at 8.30 a.m. and after their finishing the children have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular classes.

Safety and care

Our facilities are located in a safe environment and meet the required sanitary and fire safety standards. We have approvals that confirm high standards of safety.

In addition, our facilities are monitored by a security agency. These include systems that call intervention patrol in case of any threat.

If we are not expecting guests, the front door is locked. Please, bear it in mind and use the intercom. Apart from parents, the child can only be picked up by people who are authorized in writing and indicated in the recruitment form with the ID number and contact telephone number.

School uniform

The pupils of the Academy International schools wear school uniforms designed especially for them. It is a fantastic element of the visual identification of the school community. Pupils wear them with pride and joy!

Everyday school dress consists of:

  • polo shirt with short or long sleeves (white with logo)
  • vest or sweater (royal blue)
  • steel-colored chinos trousers, optionally - culottes for girls

The gala school dress consists of:

  •  white shirt
  • tie
  • cotton jacket
  • chinos pants, optionally - culottes for girls

From Monday to Thursday pupils wear school uniforms - the basic version. On Fridays, pupils may wear the outfit of their choice. During school ceremonies pupils wear official outfit.


Meals are prepared in Academy International's kitchen. Our menu is largely based on seasonal products.

 We do not use trans fats, artificial food additives or monosodium glutamate; dishes also free of glucose-fructose syrup and are usually boiled or baked. We limit the use of sugar and salt, and the flavor of dinner dishes is enriched using only natural spices.

For children with food allergies, menu that excludes dairy products and eggs is available. There is also a possibility of resigning from pork and excluding gluten products (they are not, however, prepared in a separate gluten-free zone).

Meals are served in the dining room.

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