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wawer_300Academy International Wawer is the newest facility in our network. Located away from the city center, in a peaceful spot between two important transport routes of the Wawer district (the Widoczna and Patriotów streets and the Trakt Lubelski street), it may turn out to be a great choice both for those living in the vicinity and commuters from the areas around Warsaw.

In the Wawer district children can expect a freshly renewed, comfortable building with light, well-equipped classrooms. We can also boast a common room, gym, canteen and garden with playground. For parents' comfort – available car park.


The effective program of bilingual language education implemented at Academy International facilities, is based on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method. This means simultaneous transmission of content from a specific area taught and foreign language learning.

The child acquires knowledge in various subjects in English. Also during extra-curricular classes, games and everyday activities. Teaching carried out in a bilingual environment means that a significant part of communication with children takes place in English. Thanks to this, foreign languages ​​become one of the natural ways of communication for our pupils.

English language at school is taught 10 lessons per week, including the following classes:

  • 1-3 science, mathematics
  • 4-6 history, science
  • 7-8 geography, biology

The CLIL method is recommended by the European Commission to promote language learning and linguistic diversity.

"I am a young leader"

"I am a young leader" is an original educational project of Academy International which allows to supplement curricula by the development of leadership skills in children. We believe that thanks to the combination of comprehensive education with the ability to discover own potential and the development of self-confidence, our pupils will manage in every environment and achieve success in life! Regardless of whether they want to become an astronaut, economist, doctor, athlete or artist, anywhere in the world.

"I am a young leader" is aimed at developing children's courage, responsibility and self-discipline, concentration, the ability to create a clear message, solve problems, cooperate and take initiative.

The supervisor and coordinator of the "I am a young leader" project is Mrs Ewa Turek - business advisor, expert in the field of human capital development, leadership and communication. For years, she has been associated with the international organization of speakers and leaders - Toastmasters International. She holds the title of Distinguished Toastmasters and is a TEDx conference speaker.

Extended mathematics and logical thinking programs

Our extensive experience in working with children has shown us that the right choice of games, puzzles, tasks, but also the way of learning, affects the ability of logical thinking. That is why we decided to create an original program for developing these skill in children of early school age - the "Gimnastyka umysłu" program. It is a continuation of the "Mądra główka-łamigłówka" program implemented at the Academy International pre-schools.

"Gimnastyka umysłu" develops the ability to correctly draw conclusions, solve problems independently and in a group, gives an opportunity to overcome barriers and difficult situations. It also develops perceptiveness and careful observation skills, thanks to which it enriches the child's cognitive processes and influences their mental development. We implement this program using, among others: scientific experiments, puzzles, quizzes, crosswords, map construction, brainstorming, mathematical and verbal games.

We also support the development of logical thinking by teaching to play chess. We hold the "Szachy przyjazne w szkole i przedszkolu" certificate.

From the fourth grade, logical thinking is practiced thanks to the extended mathematics program, implemented on the basis of 6 hours of the subject per week.

Work in the Dalton environment

We carry out educational activities at Academy International facilities based on the "Dalton International" program. Working in the Dalton environment, we shape pupils' independence, the ability to cooperate, take responsibility for own actions and we encourage them to reflect. By developing these competences in children, we help them build self-esteem and self-confidence, thanks to which they pursue their goals with passion and fulfill their dreams. We encourage pupils to be independent and courageous in thinking, making decisions and acting.

We involve parents in the educational process - we invite them to trainings, presentations and open classes. We care about the cohesion of activities proposed by our institution, thus creating a solid foundation for shaping the personality of the child.

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