Recruitment for the school year 2020/2021 is in progress

Do you want your child to communicate freely not only in Polish, but also in English? Do you want your child to be independent, responsible and able to cooperate with others?

At Academy International, we broaden the horizons of our pupils, teach them independence and courage in action. We make sure that our pupils acquire knowledge on the highest level.

Enroll your child in one of the Academy International facilities!

Call or write an email

We will send you information materials and we will arrange a meeting.

Meet us

During the meeting, we will tell you about our mission and the specific facility. In the case of school children, we will have a recruitment interview with your child.

Welcome to Academy International!

We will inform you about the recruitment results by e-mail or by phone.  In the case of a positive decision, we will ask you to sign the contract and pay the admission fee.

Program in our facilities

The educational program of Academy International is built upon over 20 years of experience in working with children and is adapted to the needs of the modern world. We work to develop important values ​​and skills in children that help them achieve their goals in adult life.

We believe that a high educational level combined with the principles of savoir-vivre, culture and art, and the acceptance of differences between peers, will allow our pupils to achieve success wherever they are in the world!

Team work

Logical thinking

Creativity and responsibility

Adaptation classes

In the case of children’s enrollment in the nursery and pre-school at the International Academy, we invite parents with children to take part in adaptation classes. It is a great way to familiarize the youngest with the new surroundings and prepare them for starting an educational adventure.

Recruitment meeting

The candidate to the first-grade at the Academy International undergoes psychological tests at the facility.

In the case of children who join the existing class, it is necessary to undergo test classes, and in some cases also to pass a knowledge test. We inform parents about the result of the qualification meeting by e-mail or by phone.

Ask about the recruitment details in the facility of your interest