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Academy International Wawer is the newest facility in our network. Located away from the city center, in a peaceful spot between two important transport routes of the Wawer district (the Widoczna and Patriotów streets and the Trakt Lubelski street), it may turn out to be a great choice both for those living in the vicinity and commuters from the areas around Warsaw.

In the Wawer district children can expect a freshly renewed, comfortable building with light, well-equipped classrooms. We can also boast a common room, gym, canteen and garden with playground. For parents' comfort – available car park.

We invite children aged 2-6.


The effective program of bilingual language education in Academy International facilities is based on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method. This means simultaneous transmission of content related to a specific area taught and foreign language learning. The child learns the environment described by the teacher in English during play and daily activities.

In pre-school groups, learning English through fun lasts several hours a day. In addition, children realize one or two approximately 30-minute educational cycles according to the curriculum. In all Academy International facilities, a part of the communication with the children takes place exclusively in English - the pupils have the opportunity to interact with the language not only during classes but also at the playground, during brushing teeth or in the cloakroom. This allows our pupils to learn a new language in a natural way, eliminating barriers that arise during traditional teaching.

Additionally, in groups of five- and six-year-olds, we teach children a second foreign language - Spanish.

Logical thinking skills

Moreover, from the beginning of pre-school to the end of school, we develop children's logical thinking skills thanks to the original program adapted to subsequent stages of their development - from logic games, through chess to the extended mathematics program in elementary school.

Dalton program environment

We carry out educational activities based on the certified international project "Dalton International".   The Dalton plan is based on the individual work of pupils, which allows to adjust the pace of learning to the actual capabilities of a given child. Thus, we teach our pupils to rely on each other, we raise their initiative and encourage them to look for the best and simplest methods of work.

Working in the Dalton environment, we shape children's independenceability to cooperate, sense of responsibility for own actions and we encourage them to reflect. Developing these competences in children from the early stages of their lives, we help them build self-esteem and self-confidence, thanks to which they pursue their goals with passion and fulfill their dreams.

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