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How to choose a pre-school?

Pre-school age

In many pre-schools children are accepted from the age of two and a half. Research on children's development at this stage showed that they are ready to start systematizing and to be obliged to do their everyday life duties and, more importantly, they are managing all this very well.

Naturally, the age at which a child goes to a pre-school for the first time depends on the parents. It is worth remembering, however, that children develop better and learn new skills more easily when they have a chance to be among their peers. Group work is a great developmental exercise that supports the soft features of the developing emotionality of the child.

Pre-school profile

If we want the didactic program in the pre-school to be varied but at the same time well thought-out, we should consider a facility with a specified profile. The Warsaw bilingual Academy International pre-school can definitely boast one. We implement the program based on the Dalton system. As early as in the nursery groups we start showing children what independence or orderliness is all about. However, we do not forget about the fun. Learning through play is an excellent method of acquiring knowledge by the youngest.

Continuation of education in the same facility

When deciding to choose the right pre-school, it's good to keep in mind whether it will be possible after this period to continue education within the same facility. The ideal solution is when the child starts learning already at the nursery stage, and ends with the end of elementary school, and when the whole education is conducted on the basis of the same educational and didactic program.

In bilingual AI institutions, all education is conducted on the Dalton program basis. We adjust it naturally to the age and capabilities of our pupils. The Dalton program accompanies us from the beginning of nursery to the end of elementary school.