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Education in AI

We provide comprehensive development

Academy International is a modern educational institution and a unique place on the educational map of Warsaw of the 21st century where fun intertwines with education, sense of independence and security.

At Academy International, we provide continuity of education

from the age of 15 months to the end of elementary school. From the beginning, we have been focusing on bilingualism, thanks to which we provide children with an easier start into the future. A third language - Spanish is introduced from the age of 5.

Dalton program environment

Throughout the education process, we educate children in the Dalton program environment, teaching them independence, responsibility, ability to cooperate with others and self-reflection, so that they can consistently pursue their goals and achieve success in their chosen fields.

Logical thinking skills

Moreover, from the beginning of pre-school to the end of school, we develop children's logical thinking skills thanks to the original program adapted to subsequent stages of their development - from logic games, through chess to the extended mathematics program in elementary school.

"I am a young leader"

At our schools, we also carry out our flagship and original project "I am a young leader" which allows us to supplement curricula with the development of leadership skills in children. We believe that thanks to the combination of comprehensive education and the ability to discover own potential as well as the development of self-confidence, our pupils will manage any situation and achieve success in life regardless of whether they want to become an astronaut, economist, doctor, athlete or artist, anywhere in the world. More information about the program can be found HERE.

Parents of children finishing various stages of learning at Academy International will be sure that their children will manage very well in our facilities at the next stage of education. Our pre-schools will prepare the children to the Academy International schools in which we care about high level of both individual subjects and English - the language of selected subjects (science, maths, geography, biology, history) and Spanish.

Children who finish our elementary school will be successful in schools ending with an international high school exam.