What do the kids and their parents say?

Can you love the school you go to? Can you be certain that the school is teaching you well? The opinions of our pupils and their parents leave no doubt. Warm, family atmosphere and kindly teachers are our key to success.

“The school has a very friendly atmosphere and is open for the students’ perspective. High level of education. Great contact with principal and teachers. Sense of security, stability and professionalism. New interiors and clean toilets. I highly recommend it.

Paulina (Matylda’s mom)

Academy International Wawer is the school every parent can dream of for their children. The place is friendly, but it focuses on the development of the core competences. Our daughter started to think differently about herself, when she went to preschool class in AI Wawer. She changed from the preschooler to the student, that is consciousness of their possibilities of learning. This is the beautiful feeling to see your daughter’s smile, confidence and independence when you pick her up from the school. AI Wawer gives the parents the certainty that the knowledge is passed on in a transparent way and the classes are varied and adjusted to the children’s potential. From our perspective the children have great conditions to learn, their own space outside and physical education classes in the swimming pool. The great advantage of the school is often and direct contact with the teaching staff, that can talk and hear. The choice of the school was a very important decision for us. Now we know we couldn’t find the better choice.

Beata & Maciek (Nina’s parent)

If you are looking for the safe, small and friendly school, where the children feel confident and good there is no better place than Academy International Wawer. Teachers and tutors are caring, positive, friendly and arouse children’s curiosity. The interesting and varied educational offer is directed to coherent development of the children. The children have a great time to the point they don’t want to come back home. The children are well cared for.

Magda (Basia’s mom)

With great pleasure we would like to recommend Academy International Wawer school. The school’s students included our two daughters, that attend everyday with kid’s happiness to the classes. The classes are teaching with passion and with a high professional level. The professional teaching staff care not only about the rich in the content educational classes, but also they care about children to be happy. The classes are taught with the attention to each child’s individual needs. The best evidence for us, parents, that the school is great is the fact, that at the end of each day our daughters don’t want to leave the school. And each morning they run to it. With complete confidence we would like to recommend Academy International Wawer and we are waiting for the next wonderful years.

Agnieszka & Piotr (parents of Emma & Amelka)

“Janek feels safe in the school. In the place there is a fixed schedule. My son likes his teachers 🙂 even when he doesn’t agree with them 😉 I can see that he is making progress in reading, writing and communication with the environment. He likes that all of the situations that take place in the school are explained to him. Difficult situations are explained to the children up to date. The children are encouraged to solve the difficulties between each other. The English classes level is very good and I have the comparison with the preschool and first grade that we spent in other schools. Academy International is listening to the parents’ needs and teaches children independence. 🙂 The first remote classes went well, even though the school didn’t have a lot of time to adjust to the situation. Children had a clear schedule and rules about what they can and can’t do. I didn’t have a chance to listen to the classes, but at the end of the day my Jasiek solved all of the tasks by himself. 🙂 even from the art class, that wasn’t his favourite subject. 😉 Thanks to that we could go for a walk instead of doing homework, what was the disadvantage of the previous school.

Karolina, Franek’s mom