School with tradition

Academy International is a network of educational institutions ensuring continuity of education from the nursery stage to the end of elementary school. We are also planning to open high school.

Today’s position of our facilities is the result of many years of experience and consistent work which we put into the development of our offer – from educational programs, through trained staff to infrastructure friendly to children at every stage of their development. And all this began in 1995.

1995 r.

23 years ago, we opened our first facility. It was located in the Warsaw’s Bielany district. At that time, the market of non-public pre-schools was not even budding. Here and there individual initiatives emerged providing an alternative to public pre-schools.

Looking back at that situation we see that we have not only created a firm and stable company operating for years, but also introduced a number of programs and solutions in the Polish market which are still used by others. Already then, like now, we set educational trends.

The first years of operation of pre-school in Bielany showed us how much such an initiative was needed. When we started to receive enrollment requests regarding children who were not even born yet, we understood that it was time to create another facility.

In 2000, we opened our second facility, this time in Żoliborz. An interesting arrangement of the interior, using the theme of the ship and maritime elements, turned out to be a perfect idea and so we set sail on the wide waters of education.

Our trademarks include:

  • internal playground (which children call “the balls”),
  • everyday English language learning,
  • interesting extra-curricular activities,
  • high level of education, which translates into the successes of our graduates in schools.

We were the first in Poland to introduce a CCTV system. At that time such a solution aroused extreme emotions, now it is a standard not only in our network. Even today parents of children from the youngest groups can “stay” with their child during the day. For us, it is one of the core elements of the quality system.

2000 r.

2003 r.

In 2003, we opened another facility, this time in the center of Warsaw.

In 2003, we opened another facility, this time in the center of Warsaw.

It enjoyed great interest right from the beginning. Today, during recruitment, we regularly have to create reserve lists to this facility. But 2006 was also the moment when the idea of ​​creating a private elementary school began to bud in our minds.

In 2009, we opened our first elementary school – Karolkowa 49

The facility has been successfully operating to this day. It is a bilingual school where students from the highest grades easily pass the international English exam and obtain the First Certificate in English. Our first graduates are students of good Warsaw junior high schools.

2009 r.
2010 r.

In 2010, we completed the construction of a pre-school in the Wilanów district.

From its very beginning the facility has been very popular among. In 2013, we also opened nursery groups there and in 2017, we moved the facility by less than a kilometer to a beautiful, new, class A building and there we prepared beautiful, bright, clear classrooms, a new structure with balls and a completely new garden with a playground.

2013 was a breakthrough year for our network. All our facilities became bilingual!

The extended time of language exposure, selected educators and teachers communicating exclusively in English, and openness to the international environment are the core of our activity and resonate in our name – Academy International. In our facilities we started programs integrating children from schools and pre-schools from different countries, enabling our pupils to learn about different cultures and nationalities, and thus ensuring a better understanding of the diversity of the world around.

2013 r.

Today our first pupils are already university students in Poland and abroad.

The information they provide in social media shows that they have good memories of the time they spent with us. Looking at them today, as well as at the entire network in its present form, we wish to have more such great graduates and further years of successful development.