We help your child succeed!

For over 20 years, as the first network of non-public pre-schools, and then non-public educational establishments, we have developed recognized methods of working with children. We know how to entertain so as to develop new skills of our pupils and how to make learning a fascinating adventure.

We help children build self-esteem and courage to reach for dreams and achieve goals.

A bilingual language education program based on CLIL and language immersion

Starting from nursery groups, through pre-school to school, we communicate with children in English. Thanks to this, it becomes a natural and everyday way of communication for our pupils.

Work in the Dalton environment

Independence is one of the child’s natural needs and the key to shaping his or her personality. That’s why at Academy International we operate according to the principles of the Dalton pedagogy whose main goal is to develop children’s skills that are necessary in life such as independence, responsibility for own actions, ability to cooperate in a group and reflection.

Active cooperation with parents

We are convinced that a close cooperation between nursery, pre-school, school and home is necessary for a full and happy development of the child. It is the parents who know their children best and have the greatest impact on their development, therefore, we encourage them to actively join the life of our facilities and provide a number of interesting opportunities.

Our projects

Academy International implements a number of engaging educational projects, dedicated to children in nursery, pre-school and school groups. For our pupils, learning together and getting to know the world around them is always a fascinating adventure!