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0 grade or 1st grade - what's best for a six-year-old?

Every parent of a six-year-old is faced with an individual choice - pre-school or first grade

After many turbulent situations in the educational system of our country, finally, a satisfactory solution was found - compulsory education for children ending 7 years, and the right to school education for 6-year-olds. What does it mean? It means that every parent of a six-year-old faces an individual choice - pre-school or first grade?

How to check if a six-year-old is ready to start school?

Each child is different and each child develops at his or her own pace. Unfortunately the sixth year of the child’s life is not the easiest one. Every six-year-old is characterized by a certain contradiction because on the one hand, due to his or her independence and resourcefulness, he or she already feels "grown-up", on the other hand, however, they are full of various emotions. The stage of the sixth year of life is characterized by intense motor, emotional and social development. Due to this, an educational maturity assessment tool has been created for defining the level of skills desired in grade I. The results of a year-long analysis of the level of educational maturity of a six-year-old, carried out by pre-school teachers, are given to parents at the end of a school year. One can also use the psychological and educational counseling centers which offer materials useful in the analysis of skills developed by six-year-olds.

It should be remembered that every parent has the right to an individual consultation with an experienced educator regarding the child's educational maturity. It is important that the decision made is fully thought out as it affects the future of the children. If a six-year-old can control his or her intensely developing emotions, they get along with their peers and cooperate in a group, they are able and independent, and also  can already write and read, parents should consider sending them to the first grade. 0 grade is aimed at preparing six-year-old children to study at school. If they already show well-developed emotional, social and motor skills, leaving them in 0 grade may waste their educational year.

Academy International offer for six-year-old children

Bearing in mind, above all, the well-being of children and their individual needs, Academy International offers six-year-olds both 0 grade and first grade. In our school it is also possible to individually consult a psychologist who after diagnosing child's educational maturity level informs the parents of the results and advises them if the child is ready to start school. After preliminary conversations, it is the parents who decide where they want to send their six-year-old children, and we will ensure that they develop according to their abilities and at their own pace.