Academy International

Academy International is an international network of educational institutions.
It implements a bilingual curriculum and develops original educational programs that help its
pupils and students succeed. Academy Intermational has been on the market for 25 years.



Primary school

Our Facilities in Warsaw

  • Żłobek
  • Przedszkole
  • Szkola Podstawowa
    Primary school

Future competencies

Our children will soon need to face new challenges related to the dynamically changing world and lifestyle. At Academy International we are already preparing pupils for upcoming changes, helping them develop the competences of the future today.

At our facilities we successfully teach children self-confidence, independence, responsibility, teamwork and develop their creativity. That’s how we are working for your child’s success.

Our highlights


An effective programme of bilingual language education is based on the immersion and CLIL method.

Personality development program

An original educational project that shapes children’s leadership competences, the ability to discover their own potential and the development of self-confidence.

Logical thinking development program

Our logical thinking development program strengthens the child’s emotional resilience and builds their confidence in own abilities.

6500 +

Educated Children at
the Academy

60 +


25 +

Years in the private
education market

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