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  • Bilingualism An effective program of bilingual education implemented through linguistic immersion and CLIL
  • Dalton Plan Teaching independence, responsibility, cooperation and reflection
  • Logical thinking Creative classes that develop logical thinking, creativity and openness
  • Continuity of education Consistency and continuity of education from nursery to elementary school

What are we up to?

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Our main goal is to prepare kids and teenagers for life in the modern world. The world of multiculturalism, globalization and new communications, where command of foreign languages and independent thinking are the core of success.

I am a young leader

Educational program "I am a young leader"

At the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, we started the implementation of our original program "I am a young leader". Its aim is to develop children's leadership skills, self-confidence, courage, responsibility and self-discipline. The supervisor and coordinator of the program is Mrs. Ewa Turek - business advisor, expert in the fields of human capital development, leadership and communication. For years, she has been associated with the international speakers and leaders organization - Toastmasters International. She holds the title of Distinguished Toastmasters and is a TEDx conference speaker.


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What do children and parents say about it?

Can you be sure that a pre-school teaches a foreign language well? Can you love the school you are attending? Opinions of our pupils and parents leave no doubt. A warm, family atmosphere, kind and friendly teachers are the key to success of Academy International!