I want to be here, Mum!

Why do so many parents of Academy International pupils struggle to get their children live the pre-school? Because you can never have enough of playing “in the balls" with your peers!

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We grow with your child

Smooth transition from nursery to pre-school gives children a sense of security. The same values implemented in both pre-school and school make it easier to enter the world of science.

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Communication… without boarders

Foreign language, not foreign to us any more!... Daily, natural, spontaneous, liked and understood intuitively. This is our communication without borders!

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This interjection changed the fate of science. Do you want to hear it from the mouth of your child? Develop with us their ability to think logically!

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Children’s Mount Everest

Putting their shoes on independent assumption by a 2-year old is a success as big as climbing an eight-thousander. Don’t take your child’s satisfaction of independence!

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